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The system approach reflected by TRIMAX offers maximum versatility and economy.

The unmatched headstock stability and rigidity of the TRIMAX system makes possible new and exciting machining operations and special applications never before achievable with a split-ring machining system. The capacity to accept much larger cutting loads and forces without adversely affecting performance maximizes the optional accessory configuration extensibility of this...

TECH TIP: Independent Tool Holder Height

When Tri Tool engineers designed TRIMAX’s safer internal tripper mechanism (to remove potential pinch-points) another primary advantage resulted. Previously, the external tripper was fixed at height settings to match the mounting bolt hole positions. The TRIMAX features Toe Clamps so that the height of the tool module is variable above...

A Core Principal: Operator Safety

Rotating elements of a portable machine tool are always a safety concern as they present the possibility of pinching or entangling as they pass other elements of the machine. In addition, the rotating elements can interact with other pipes, bulkheads, walls, scaffolding, etc. creating hazards even with machines designed to...

TRIMAX – The Dawn of a Game Changer

“A remarkable achievement. TRIMAX’s state-of-the-art bearing design is a game-changer and makes all competing machines obsolete in terms of safety, stability and outstanding cutting results.” TRI TOOL introduces the Safest, Most Innovative Split-Frame Machining System In The World, perfect for in-line severing, beveling, counterboring and much, much more. You asked...


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