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Company » About Tri Tool Inc.

Goal Statement:

Tri Tool Inc. provides the finest portable precision machine tools for tube and pipe and the most dependable services to our customers throughout the world. Tri Tool is committed to design innovation and quality products supported by an outstanding level of customer service.

Message from the President:

George J. Wernette

For over 40 years, professionals in a wide variety of industries and technical fields have depended on Tri Tool Inc. to consistently produce the finest tube and pipe cutting machinery. All of us at Tri Tool Inc. are keenly aware that our customers rely on our engineering research and state-of-the-art manufacturing to provide the best tools available for their needs.

You can depend on our products for superior, reliable results for all of your tube and pipe cutting applications. Whether your needs are for standard Tri Tool equipment, custom equipment design and manufacturing, special application engineering, onsite machining and welding services, equipment rental or repair, our friendly, experienced staff is ready to assist you.

The only thing more dependable than our tools and services, is our outstanding customer service.

George J. Wernette

Company Overview:

Tri Tool Inc., headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California, is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools. Tri Tool Inc. offers pipe beveling, tube squaring and severing machines, clamshells for in-line cutting, and flange facing equipment for purchase or rental. Tri Tool Inc. produces heavy-duty pipeline machinery and provides custom machinery design and manufacturing, onsite machining and welding services.

Tri Tool Inc., with its family of companies, meets customer demands by providing the latest engineering technology and customer support through its Domestic and International Sales, Engineering, Service, Welding, and Lease/Repair departments. Tri Tool employs only trained and certified field construction experts to machine or weld your project.

Tri Tool Inc., is one of the largest specialty mechanical maintenance contractors in the world, providing field and shop maintenance services to a wide variety of markets including the power, nuclear, chemical, pulp and paper and similar heavy industries. With domestic and international sales offices and strategically located warehouse, service, and repair facilities, Tri Tool Inc. can quickly respond to emergency repair situations and efficiently respond to scheduled contract maintenance requirements. Tri Tool Inc. solutions automate routine, tedious and quality-critical maintenance practices, substantially improve the quality of repairs, productivity and safety of personnel, and the performance longevity of the repairs and upgrades.

Company History:

Tri Tool Inc. was established in 1972 to respond to challenges facing industries involved in preparing and welding pipe during activities such as building power plants in North America. Tri Tool first introduced advanced portable machine tool technology, in the form of pipe and tube cutting and squaring, to the nuclear construction industry, targeting a market niche the founders believed was underserved in the marketplace.

By the early-1980s, Tri Tool had developed specialized equipment for repairing steam generators, pressurized water reactors and various other pressure parts, as well as highly automated tooling for other nuclear related repair work. In 1984 and 1985, in an effort to expand and diversify the business, Tri Tool targeted refinery/petrochemical, fossil-fueled electric utilities, and pharmaceutical facilities effectively expanding the reach of Tri Tool’s engineered solutions and specialized capabilities.

In January 2001, Tri Tool established Tri Tool Power Services Inc. (TPS), a subsidiary of Tri Tool Inc. It is "Signatory to a Specialty Agreement with the United Association" and was organized specifically to allow Tri Tool Inc. to perform work on union sites and/or to use union labor from the local unions. Through a UA certified training program (Course 279, Level I), TPS instructors train union members on the operation of specialty pipe beveling tools commonly used in the industry. This combined effort links the world recognized reliability and quality craftsmanship of Tri Tool® equipment, with the expertise of the UA membership, to form a winning team.

Tri Tool Services℠ provides onsite machining support to our customers to respond quickly to outages, infrequent operations, or special construction and maintenance projects. Due to a growing number of requests from our customers to expand our onsite machining business, Tri Tool Power Services was created to include welding services as well as union contracting services.

In the spring of 2007, Tri Tool Inc. acquired a 128,000 square foot facility at 3041 Sunrise Boulevard in Rancho Cordova, California to serve as its corporate office and main manufacturing plant. The necessary improvements were completed in the Fall of 2007, and the Administration, Sales and Engineering Departments were able to move in. The relocation of the Production/Manufacturing part of the team was completed in January 2008.The steel-roofed concrete and brick building, originally built in 1988, contains over 105,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing and production. The remainder of the building provides offices for engineering, production planning, research and development, administration, and sales. The 11.0 acres of land acquired with the building are zoned for heavy industrial and will provide room for the future expansion of our manufacturing activities.