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OD Mount Slide Bearing Series (SB) Model 601SBCM - 603SBCMModel 300 MICROFACER Tube Squaring Machine

FLEXDrive System

The versatile Flex Drive system extends the ability of a machine to cut into confined space that may prohibit the machine body from entering or restrict the operational clearance of the machine to a point where the operation could not be performed in a safe manner. Flex drive units are available for Tri Tool's 550 Chipless Tube Cutting System, the SBCM series of small OD in-line cutters, and the 300 Microfacer™ Machines (shown below). Call for information on which FLEXDrive unit is applicable for your specific machine.

FLEXDrive System - Click to Enlarge
                    FLEXDrive System

Made in the USA

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