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AdaptARC - Automatic Welding System

Orbital welding that is Engineered for Versatility

The AdaptARC welding equipment offers the most advanced orbital and linear welding system for the professional welder. It has been designed so you can do more with less.

  • Multi-Process system performs Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding pulsed spray (GMAW-P) and short arc (GMAW-S), and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW).
  • Mechanized weld head travels up to
    100 in/min
  • Degree, Time, or Distance Control
  • Each track handles 3 pipe sizes
  • Patented quick-change torch that is rated at 350 Amps
  • Automatic Torch Height Control

AdaptARC Automatic Orbital Welding System BrochureClick here to download the AdaptARC brochure and learn how it can meet your orbital welding or linear welding needs

Advanced Programmable Welding Arc Controller

The OrbitMASTER controller can provide precision and repeatability. It features advanced program schedules which combine degree, time, and distance programming. It also features streamlined program creation and storage.

Learn about the OrbitMASTER Welding Arc Controller

Precision Multi Process Weld Head with optical encoders

The DualARC mechanized weld head features optical encoders which allow for closed loop feedback for accurate position monitoring and control.

Learn About the DualARC Automated Weld Head

AdaptARC allows for root to cap welding

Welder Friendly Pendant

Extremely small, light weight and rugged the control pendant was designed by welders for welders. It features a high-low switch which allows simultaneous switching of primary/background parameters allowing for easier operations.

AdaptARC allows for root to cap welding

Nonstop Welding from Root to Cap
Reducing Downtime

Chaining and linking programs together allows the next program to begin at the end of the previous program. This allows you to create a program that will put the root, hot-pass, fill layers, and cap without stopping. In addition you can loop programs to allow the same program to repeat multiple times.

AdaptARC allows for root to cap welding

Dual Inlet Gas Ports to Minimize Downtime

The system comes standard with two gas ports. Use one for GTAW or GMAW-S root welds and the other for GMAW-P or FCAW to product the fill and cap. The program line commands the ports to switch automatically, purging the lines during re-wrap, resulting in no lost weld time.

Reduce Need for Frequent E-tech Support

Reduced E-tech support costs; fully digital control system eliminates frequent calibration required on other systems.

QC Compliance Monitoring &
Modification Screen

The main screen allows for Real Time monitoring of key weld parameters for instant evaluations. In addition, the Modifications screen can be saved and printed for QC compliance to the welding procedure specifications.

AdaptARC utilizes off the shelf parts for quick repairs

Off-the-shelf Parts

Reduce the cost of expensive 'proprietary' parts with many welding consumables that can be found in any welding supply store. Parts can be found in hours or minutes instead of days or weeks.

AdaptARC Mechanized Welding System Full Feature List


The AdaptARC automatic welding system features meet the various needs of many orbital welding applications.

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AdaptARC Mechanized Welding System Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a question about the DualARC weld head or the OrbitMASTER controller?

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The AdaptARC oribtal welding system provides the most adaptable welding machines.

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