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The AdaptARC® 's Welding Equipment Advantages

The welding equipment is designed to incorporate many innovative features to
reduce costs and increase productivity, all while being user friendly for the operator.

Multi Process
  • Use one head for multiple processes, avoiding the extra cost of a second system.
  • Our modified short arc for open root welding eliminates the time consuming hot pass.
Patented Quick Change Torch Front End
  • Switch between GTAW and GMAW in only a few minutes without removing the head from the track.
"Pendant Setting" Screen
  • This system feature allows the operator to customize the pendant functions to increase/decrease per button depression.
Time, Distance & Degree Programming
  • Allows operator greater flexibility with advanced programming schedules; useful when 'linking' programs together.
  • Use distance for linear track application such as longitudinal seam welds; use degree units for circumferential welds such as pipe; or, time based units.
Precise Seam Tracking
  • The indexing system, unique to AdaptARC®, allows the operator to set specific points on the route of the electrode anywhere along its path.
  • This feature compensates for an out-of-square track, mitered joint, saddle-on branch, or a host of other non-typical operations. Lay out your desired path, index the points, and upslope. The torch will follow the pre-set route every bead sequence for that weld.
Nonstop Program operation, from Root to Cap
  • Chaining and linking programs together allows the next program to begin at the end of the previous program. You can create a program that will put the root, hot-pass, fill layers, and cap without stopping.
  • You can also loop programs to allow the same program to repeat multiple times. This is utilized on such beads as the cap, where the same bead characteristics are repeated for a given number of passes.
Weld Head Motor Optical Encoders
  • The AdaptARC® feature allows for closed loop feedback for extremely accurate position monitoring and control of the weld head, which is essential for the indexing mode as well as bead placement, up-slope and down-slope, and other key operations. It also allows for consistent repeatability, bead after bead.
Welder Friendly Pendant
  • Extremely small, light weight and rugged, this is the smallest and most user friendly pendant on the market.
  • The High-Low button allows simultaneous switching of primary/background parameters in place of the more conventional operation of switching these parameters separately; this allows half the pendant buttons and provides much easier operations.
Off-the-shelf Parts
  • Reduce the cost of expensive proprietary parts with many welding consumables that can be found in any welding supply store. Parts can be found in hours or minutes instead of days or weeks.
Flow Sensing in both Gas and Coolant Lines
  • If the gas or coolant should be reduced or fail, the system will automatically shut down and produce a warning screen on the operator's pendant, eliminating porosity issues due to a low bottle or ruptured coolant lines.
Lightweight and Durable Guide Track
  • One track mounts on up to three pipe sizes reducing the time to change tracks and the costs of purchasing individual tracks for each pipe size.
  • Tracks are designed to be compressible while still providing a stable mounting platform for precise welds.
  • Custom designed, non-metallic, polymer coated drive wheels combined with specially designed knurling provide tremendous grip overcoming oil or other obstructions that may be on the track.
Dual Inlet Gas Ports to Minimize Downtime
  • The system comes standard with two gas ports. Use one for GTAW or GMAW-S root welds and the other for GMAW-P or FCAW fill and cap. The program line commands the ports to switch automatically, purging the lines during re-wrap, resulting in no lost weld time.
QC Compliance Monitoring & Modification Screen
  • The main screen allows for Real Time monitoring of key weld parameters for instant evaluations. In addition, the Modifications screen can be saved and printed for QC compliance to the welding procedure specifications.
Parameter Override Control
  • Set pre-determined values not to be exceeded by the operator to ensure proper WPS compliance to all welds. These settings can be viewed and printed.
Reduce Need for Frequent E-tech Support
  • Reduced E-tech support costs; fully digital components eliminate frequent calibration required on other systems.
Program Notes Screen
  • Add individual notes to any program to identify specified details of that program such as who created it, when, what materials, etc.
Streamlined Program Creation and Storage
  • Each AdaptARC® console comes with pre-loaded weld programs for a variety of material, processes, and sizes. Optionally, follow the screen prompts and create a new program. Programs can easily be copied and modified as well.
Program Execution “Test” Feature
  • The AdaptARC® equipment's test feature allows the operator to try the settings of a particular bead, such as oscillation, without an arc, prior to actual bead placement.
USB Port
  • Allows upgrades, printing of screens, program Library copying, or recording to be uploaded or downloaded. A program can be e-mailed to an end user and downloaded in few seconds.
Feeds Wire Up To 700 Inches per Minute
  • This unique feature is especially important if the application requires a huge amount of weld deposition.
Weld Head Travels Up To An Incredible Speed of 100 Inches per Minute*
  • This will reduce your weld time significantly whether you are positioning the weld head, rewinding to a starting point, pre-setting a route, or etc...

*Measured at the track.

Resume Feature
  • Stop and resume your weld at any time due to the change of the wire, replacement of empty gas cylinder, etc...

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