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Flange Face/Single Point Systems

Flange Facing Kits for Model 204B, 208B, and 214B

Quickly and easily resurface damaged flat and raised faced flanges in-place. Flange Facing Kits for the Models 204B, 208B, and 214B are designed to allow these proven portable beveling tools to be converted to dedicated flange facers. The kits come factory configured or can be retrofit to a customer's existing tool. The kit is comprised of the facing attachment, a dual tripper-pin assembly and an elbow mandrel assembly. The kits feature dual feed rates and work with our tooling to generate a variety of precision surface finishes.

Additional attachments: Elbow Mandrel, Miter Mandrel, Squaring Plate

  • 204B Range, 1.50 to 14.0 OD (38.1 to 355.6mm)
  • 208B Range, 1.75 to 16.50 OD (44.5 to 419.1mm)
  • 214B Range, 3.44 to 24.0 OD (87.4 to 609.6mm)
  • 214B Extended Range, 8.20 to 24.0 OD (208.3 to 609.6mm)
Flange Facing Kits for Model 204B, 208B, and 214B
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