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200 Series BEVELMASTER™ ID Mounted Beveling Machines

Model 214B BEVELMASTER™ Mid-Range Portable Beveling System

The Model 214B BEVELMASTER™ provides a wide working size range with a single standard mandrel. The open design of the tool holders allows for full viewing of machining operations for simultaneous facing, beveling and counterboring. Torque key adjustment on the mandrel prevents backlash and vibration, providing smoother cutting. A double enveloping worm gear set is used for maximum strength and machine life. The industry workhorse for machines in this class.

  • 4" to 14" (114.3 to 355.6mm) Pipe Range
  • Single Point Extension, 8.20” to 24” OD (208.3 to 609.6mm)
  • Wall Thickness 1.32” (33.53mm), Single Point 2.34” (59.44mm)
  • Flange Facing Attachment, 3.44” to 24” OD (87.4 to 609.6mm)
  • Elbow Mandrel, 3.31” to 13.12” ID (84 to 333.2mm)
  • Miter Mandrel, 3.82” to 12.39” ID (97 to 314.7mm)
  • 3 Jaw or Miter Mandrel Extension, 6.10” to 23.5” ID (154.9 to 596.9mm)
  • Sleeve Mandrel (thin wall pipe), 4” to 12” (114.33 to 304.8mm), 14" (355.6mm) special order
  • Out of Round Tracker, min 4.49” ID (114mm)
  • Pneumatic Motor (85 cfm (40L/s) at 90 psi (621 kPa) air supply)
  • Heavy Duty Electric Motor
  • Hydraulic Motor
  • Form Tool or Carbide Insert Cutting
  • Bevel, Counterbore, Face, ID Chamfer, Flange Face
  • Preparation on mild, chrome, stainless, copper-nickel alloy
  • Special procedures for: inconel, other high temp alloys
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Weight 80 lbs (36 kg)
Model 214B Product Video

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Now, get all of the advantages of
Tri Tool's great new Model 214B
- with your existing Model 212B!

Tri Tool has redesigned the ultra-reliable and ever-popular Model 212B as the new Model 214B. The 214B's cutting capacity has been extended to cover 4" to 14" pipe. This Upgrade Kit (PN 05-0655) includes all of the components necessary to upgrade your existing 212B to the new Model 214B. Best of all, accessories for the 212B will all work with the upgraded 214B. Call for more info and complete specifications.

  1. Higher torque motor for increased OD
  2. Extended mounting blocks for 14" pipe.
  3. Extended Steel tool holder for beveling bit.
  4. Extended Aluminum tool holders for facing and/or counterbore bits.

212B Attachment Kit Upgrade
212B Attachment Kit Upgrade
Kit includes Operator's Manual for the Model 214B BevelMaster®

Made in the USA