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Flange Face/Single Point Systems

Flange Facing 224B and 236B with Single Point Kit

Single point machining allows more flexibility of cut for complex machining operations and compound bevel angles. Portable beveling machinery produces bevel angles primarily through the use of form tool bits that have angled cutting edges. Form tool bits can only generate bevel angles predetermined by their cutting surface. Single point machining utilizes generic cutting bits that produce bevels based on the feed angle, and direction of the bit holder. This permits the production of basic as well as compound bevel profiles with the same bit.

Single point kits have been designed to provide extended cutting capabilities for the Model 214B, 224B, and 236B. This means you can perform a much wider variety of end uses with the same equipment without the need to buy additional tools.

Additional attachment: Miter Mandrels

  • 224B Extended Range, 12.0 to 50.0 OD (304.8 to 1270mm)
  • 236B Extended Range, 20.0 to 68.0 OD (508 to 1727mm)
Flange Facing 224B, 236B with Single Point Kit
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