Safety Focus: Special Project Safety Considerations When Working with On-Site Service Personnel

Tri Tool Services prides themselves with rapid, reliable response to customers’ on-site machining requirements. In certain instances however, OSHA safety requirements for personnel that operate portable (rotating) machine tools differ in significant ways from site specific safety plans and can cause unnecessary delays or prevent work from proceeding. Sometimes, well...

Tri Tool Provides Critical Solutions for International Land-Based Pipeline

Tri Tool Services provided international mission critical support such as an equipment implementation for a major petroleum producer in Oman. This 2 year-long project required multi-level support including custom equipment engineering, equipment logistics, and specialized customer training, along with field machining and project coordination personnel.  The customer was confronted with...

10 Factors to Consider When Implementing Orbital Welding

by Bill Atkinson As the capabilities and technology of welding systems have continually progressed, more and more companies are considering the implementation of orbital welding as a cost effective alternative manufacturing and fabrication process. For companies that plan to include orbital welding to their workflow, some background and basic operating...

Tri Tool Opens its Doors in Stafford, Texas!

On Wednesday, May 7th, Tri Tool hosted a grand opening celebration at their new 15,000 square foot office and warehouse, located in Stafford, just 19 miles southwest of Houston. The new, expanded facility allows Tri Tool to better serve their customers in the onshore and offshore pipeline, oil & gas...


Largest Tri Tool PFM One of our largest portable machines, this pipe facing machine can deliver optimal surface finish for facing and counterboring on 48” through 76” pipe.

PRESS RELEASE – Tri Tool Announces New High Production CNC Counterbore Service

Rancho Cordova, CA – February 17, 2014 – Tri Tool Incorporated today introduced a CNC highproduction counterboring service for the offshore market with unique, seven axis CNC controls. To meet the demand for deep counterbore machining of steel catenary risers and critical pipeline construction needs, Tri Tool has designed and...

PRESS RELEASE – Tri Tool Launches New Brand Identity

Rancho Cordova, CA – January 13, 2014 – Tri Tool Incorporated today introduced a new brand identity for it’s over 40 year old privately-held company. The double “T” symbolizes the company’s name, Tri Tool and the new tagline “Building Performance” reflects their dedication to building high performing quality tools, services...


Expanded Houston Facility Opens To meet the increasing demands of the onshore and offshore Pipeline and Oil & Gas industries, Tri Tool opens a 15,000 square foot facility to serve as a staging base for providing rental and service solutions.


AdaptARC® Welding System First introduced for international sales, the durable and versatile mechanized AdaptARC orbital welding system offers multiple processes for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding pulsed spray (GMAW-P), modified short arc (GMAW-S), and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW).

TECH TIP – Working With Microfittings

Most welded high purity tubing systems utilize electro polished micro fittings. Our equipment properly prepares micro fittings for orbital welding by producing perfectly flat, square ends, while maintaining the perch length required for automatic weld heads. This is essential for both new and reclaimed components and tube sections. Tri Tool,...

TECH TIP – Tool Bit Resharpening Limits

There are practical limits to when and how many times a tool can be resharpened. The number of times a tool bit can be resharpened is dependent on the type of tool bit and the application. Some of the conditions which make it impractical to resharpen a tool bit are:...

TECH TIP – Tool Bit Selection

Obtaining the best results starts with selecting or determining which tool bit to use with the material being cut. Tri Tool has three basic cutting edge geometry’s which function well on most of the common tubing materials. In addition to variations in the edge geometry, tool bits are made available...

Portable Pipe Cutting Equipment for High-Purity Weld Preps

by Bill Atkinson Portable pipe cutting equipment is playing an ever-increasing role in the construction and maintenance of today’s piping systems. As the specifications, materials, and design of these systems have increased in complexity, the need for rapid, accurate, and repeatable on-site cutting performance can be instrumental in reducing costs...


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