TERRAMAX Pipe Facing Machine 2448

TERRAMAX Pipe Facing Machine 2448

The TERRAMAX PFM is a new high-mobility pipe facing machine that delivers maximum versatility and user control. Backed by years of experience as an OEM offshore pipeline equipment and on-site service provider, the TERRAMAX midstream PFM is designed to deliver excellent results in the harshest operating conditions. The TERRAMAX PFM’s versatility, dependability, and price point make this the perfect solution for any midstream pipeline operation. Use it with your existing fleet of equipment!



TERRAMAX High-Mobility Midstream Pipe Facing Machine

The TERRAMAX pipe facing machine (PFM) is an ID mount machine tool for beveling, facing and/or counter-boring 24″ to 48″ pipe (with large faceplate). This new midstream PFM features exceptional modularity which makes changing configurations fast and easy, helping you to take advantage of its wide cutting range capabilities. This new PFM was developed with years of OEM experience providing successful machining solutions. Combined with practical field knowledge gained from being a leading on-site service provider, our new land-based PFM offers the precision and performance you expect built around a price point that will help maximize your project’s budget.

  • Opening a safety guard will shut machine power off
  • Safety logic is built in to prevent operator control errors
  • Single hydraulic supply and return lines increase mobility and are easier to utilize auxiliary tract hydraulic supply
  • Operator friendly, low-maintenance tool module design
  • Lower weight (< 6,000 lb.) machine facilitates easy repositioning
  • Built-in anti-vibration properties for better surface finishes
  • Increased modularity with two cutting heads and three mandrel height configurations, allowing one machine to cover the entire 24″ to 48″ cutting range
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