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Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Defense, Food and Beverage industries all demand perfect weld preparation for welded tubing systems critical to production. Tri Tool’s 300 Series equipment delivers. Built with our renowned durability, you can count on reliable performance from your 300 Series tools for years to come.

With unmatched precision, and the flexibility to be customized, Tri Tool’s Tube Cutting and Squaring Machines have become the industry standard. They are designed to deliver rapid, accurate, and repeatable results while being easy to transport, set up, and operate.

Tri Tool 300 Series equipment is the perfect companion for autogenous orbital welding systems, delivering the high level of repeatable precision required by those systems for optimal weld results. Achieving the optimal combination of precision, reliability and portability, 300 Series machines are designed to provide perfectly square ends on cut lengths of tube and fittings.

When it comes to the precision tube cutting machines, depend on the premier tube cutting machine manufacturer, Tri Tool Inc., for the highest quality equipment, backed by dedicated customer support. Ensure your project’s success. Call Tri Tool today for the most cost effective purchase or rental of top quality equipment.

All our machines can be configured to your needs. These machines can be configured with an AC electric drive, pneumatic drive or a DC cordless drive. They can also be configured with a storage case, bench stand, or quick lock clamping. Below are some additional accessories that are available for purchase.

As an original equipment manufacturer, special options are available depending on your unique situation.  Please ask your sales representative for items not listed below.

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