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For Your Toughest Field Code Repair Challenges Rely on Tri Tool Inc. for Innovative Solutions

A Southeast based poultry processing facility had an ammonia chiller with two significant tube leaks. The owner was forced to remove the chiller from service and shutdown the production process the chiller supported. The owner contacted Tri Tool Thermal Services℠ for assistance and a potential repair plan.

A rapid field code vessel repair by an authorized ‘R’ stamp holder was required to get the owner’s production process up and running.

Tri Tool Thermal Services℠ prepared all necessary code paperwork while mobilizing equipment and manpower to respond to the owner’s emergent situation.

The repair entailed placement of a new “liner tube” in each of the degradated original tubes. The tube sheet was then machined using precision Tri Tool end prep equipment and prepared for welding. Tube liners were inserted then welded to the tubesheet interface. The entire repair evolution was completed in less than five hours.

Total turnaround time from initial contact to completion of the repair was 24 hours. Tri Tool Thermal Services’ rapid response to this client’s immediate needs reduced valuable process production downtime.

To learn how Tri Tool Inc. can provide comprehensive, innovative solutions to your toughest field machining and welding challenges, contact our Atlanta, Georgia office at 800-356-3343.