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Tri Tool Precision Tool Bits

At Tri Tool, we are the tool bit experts. With dedicated engineering and machine shop staff, we have created over 10,000 tool bit designs specifically geared to the alloy, coating, and wall thickness of the material being cut. Many of our standard bits can be used in other manufacturer’s equipment, so you can still get the superior results you want.Should you have a special application which requires special bits, we will be glad to work with your specifications. You can fill out our on-line Tool Bit Design Form for fast service.

Tri Tool's Patented Tool Bit Technology!

Our unique patented Durabit® series offers better cut consistency, faster cut times and precise, accurate results due to the geometry of the grind and the cutting edge of the tool bit.  Because of this, and a unique coating that allows for quick removal of the chip, less heat is generated during the cut process, which means you get three times the number of cuts that a standard bit offers. Our extensive experience as an industrial tool bit manufacturer enables us to offer our DURABIT line of premium cutting bits. Through our ongoing bit design research, our engineering department continues to provide the latest advancements in bit geometry and manufacturing methods. This produces bits perfectly matched to the materials being cut, ensuring maximum edge life and superior results. Call today for info on the best bits made for your equipment.


Durabit Graph
  • Better cut consistency. • Faster cut times.
  • Easier to achieve high precision, accurate results.
  • Up to 3 times the number of cuts per bit over std. bits!
  • Patented technology (Pat. No. 5,868,531 and Pat. No. 6,042,309). Get superior results!

For more information call toll free... (800)DURABIT


DURABIT®1 tool bits are designed to run at high RPM. Run all the Tri Tool® Model 300 Series squaring machines at full speed. Do not "dive" the bit into the work. Make sure that when starting the cut on interrupted or out-of-square ends, you advance the tool bit slowly against the tube end with light feed pressure until a continuous chip is achieved (bit cuts all the way around end). Once the bit has a full chip load, use a moderate to heavy feed pressure to finish the cut. NEVER stop the tool bit while in the cut. Back the bit away from the cut at full speed and then you can stop the motor. These instructions also apply for Durabit 2 and 3 bits. For more information about using DURABIT®1 tool bits, call 1-800-DURABIT.

Tool Bit Resharpening Policy

Tool bits must be received in a condition suitable for resharpening. All tool bits will be evaluated upon receipt, and the customer will be contacted within two working days and advised if it is possible to resharpen their tool bits. If the tool bits can be resharpened, customer will be advised of the cost and a scheduled return ship date. Tool bits that are severely gouged, chipped or broken, and cannot be resharpened, will be returned with the bits that could be resharpened unless otherwise instructed. Pricing is available from your Tri Tool sales representative. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Tri Tool. Only tool bits manufactured by Tri Tool are covered by this policy.

Tool bits should be sent to the address below with a list that includes part numbers and quantities, your company name, contact name and phone number.

Tri Tool Inc.
3041 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742