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Technical Information » Tool Bit Design Form

You can specify the bit parameters for your specific job with this tool bit design form. After the form is complete, use the submit button at the bottom of this page to email the information to Tri Tool's customer service. You will be contacted by a representative with information about your bit. Note: Use standard tool bits when possible.

Tri Tool Inc. Tool Bit Design Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Machine Model:
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Note: Use standard tool bits whenever possible. Not all dimensions used with some weld preps.

This prep type:
Bevel Compound Bevel "J" Prep Compound "J" Prep
A = Counterbore Depth: in. mm B1 = Bevel (Primary): degrees
L = Land/Facing: in. mm B2 = Bevel (Secondary): degrees
D = Land Extension: in. mm E = Transition Height: in. mm
F = Finished Bore Height: in. mm C = Chamfer or Counterbore: degrees
T = Wall Thickness: in. mm R1 = Radius: in. mm
I.D. = Inside Diameter: in. mm O.D. = Outside Dia.: in. mm
MATL = Material (to be cut): R2 = C'bore Radius: in. mm

**If dimension 'A' = 0 in. then angle 'C' (if used) indicates the chamfer angle.
**Only used with compound weld preps. ***Only used with'J' type weld preps.

Additional Information:
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For special configurations, fax a diagram or call Tri Tool Customer Service