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TECH TIP: AIR CADDY™ (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) Tips and Tricks

Our AIR CADDY FRL units were designed as the perfect match for your rugged and reliable portable machine tools, delivering dependable pressure management and proper lubrication with your most demanding applications. Many machines and motor configurations that demand more than 165 CFM, such as our high-performance TRIMAX® split-frame lathes, require...

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Model Air Caddy – 75-0078 (Large)

Tri Tool’s rugged and dependable Air Caddy has been designed to perfectly match our pneumatic tools, providing top-notch performance in the harshest conditions and job applications.

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TERRAMAX Delivers Rapid, Versatile and Reliable Pipe Mill End Finishing

(Rancho Cordova, CA)  TRI TOOL’s newest high mobility pipeline beveler offers the ideal weld end prep solution for high-volume pipe mills that need to produce multi-section deliverable lengths and random length rewelding due to remedial cutouts. The TERRAMAX® beveling system was designed to be optionally configurable to correspond to spiral...

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