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Tri Tool’s company history begins in 1972 being co-founded by Dr. George J. Wernette, a local general surgeon who teamed up with a welder and a machinist to design, build, and sell the first Tri Tool product. This original tool was designed for the construction of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant in California.

Building our first products in a garage, Tri Tool’s corporate facilities now encompass a 128,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on 11 acres of land and has three locations strategically placed throughout the United States.


Tri Tool Established In 1972, Dr. George Wernette was one of three co-founders who responded to the challenges facing industries involved in preparing and welding pipe. Tri Tool first introduced advanced portable machine tool technology, in the form of pipe and tube...


Pipe Beveling Lathes – ID MountedThese three function end preparation lathes with integral pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motors incorporated such features as full cutting torque acceptance through the mandrel, auto feeds and specialty mounting mandrels such as Tri...


First Tube End Equaring Tools Tri Tool introduces the first of a series of Tube End Squaring tools. These tools are designed primarily to meet requirements to prepare stainless steel tubing for autogenous automatic welding with a flat, square and burr-free end.


First Clamshell OD Mounting Lathe The introduction of these clamshells allowed for single step severing and beveling; the ability to eliminate heat affected zones (HAZ) from the cutting process. This revolutionary product allowed weld removal operations without pipe...


1000th product produced of the 202A ​


Ekofisk Platform Raised in the North Sea ​ Norway’s Ekofisk oilfield was slowly sliding into the North Sea. Tri Tool and our 600 Series OD Mounted Clamshells were called upon to help with raising six huge platform decks, perched on steel legs driven into the sea...


BEVELMASTER® Tools​ The new BevelMASTER tools were the next evolution of the ID Mounted tools They were designed to perform three function end preparations, accept their torque through the mandrels, and have integral drive motors set at right angles to the pipe.


Durabit Introduced The patented Durabit is introduced to meet the industry’s need for premium cutting bits.  The Durabit was engineered with superior material and coating technologies, expert heat treating, and use of premium base metals. This process ensured that the...


Rancho Seco Project Tri Tool is contracted to assist with the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning. Concerns were raised over the potentially toxic vapors associated with the thermal cutting of stainless steel tanks, tanks internally contaminated, and tanks...


9/11 Relief Efforts After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fabricators and distributors responded with expertise and equipment to help in the cleanup efforts. Tri Tool answered the call by providing products like our OD mounted...


Tri Tool Power Services   ​ To provide a conduit to perform union machining work under the jurisdiction of the UA via the National Specialty Agreement, Tri Tool Power Services is formed. Tri Tool Power Service instructors train union members on the operation of...


PFM Introduced To answer the growing global petroleum demand, Tri Tool introduces the PipeMASTER Pipeline Facing Machine. These tools set the industry standard, as one of the fastest, most powerful pipe facing machines on the marketing.


Alaska Pipeline Project Tri Tool is called upon to work on the Alaska Pipeline, Pump Station #1 in Prudhoe Bay, AK. For this solution Tri Tool used a custom designed 600 Series Clamshells with high-speed double milling heads. d this service to our customers with the...


ASME Code WeldingTri Tool Power Services obtains in ASME Code welding stamps to perform turnkey welding services. This allows TPS to support nuclear welding projects, from weld preparation, all the way to successful completion.


Tri Tool Expands Corporate Headquarters Tri Tool expands into a 128,000 square foot facility in Rancho Cordova, California which serves as its corporate office and main manufacturing plant. It is the base of operations for our engineering, production planning,...


AdaptARC® Welding System First introduced for international sales, the durable and versatile mechanized AdaptARC orbital welding system offers multiple processes for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding pulsed spray (GMAW-P), modified short arc...


Expanded Houston Facility Opens ​To meet the increasing demands of the onshore and offshore Pipeline and Oil & Gas industries, Tri Tool opens a 15,000 square foot facility to serve as a staging base for providing rental and service solutions. ​


​Largest Tri Tool PFMOne of our largest portable machines, this pipe facing machine can deliver optimal surface finish for facing and counterboring on 48” through 76” pipe. ​


Image of Welding Award ​ Tri Tool was recognized with the prestigious Image of Welding award in the small business category by both the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee (WEMCO).


CNC Deep CounterboreWe first introduced this service to our customers with the Shell Appomattox Deep-water Project located near the Gulf of Mexico. The project started in 2016 and was completed in early 2017. By project's end, the Tri Tool services group, using both...


TRIMAX Machining SystemThe TRIMAX Machining System was launched at FABTECH - Las Vegas in 2016 and was in full production in 2017. Utilizing Tri Tool's Safer by Design concept, this twice patented clamshell lathe delivers unprecedented performance and dependability,...


TERRAMAX MIDSTREAM PFM The TERRAMAX midstream PFM was created to provide a dependable and versatile pipe facing machine for land based pipeline. It features exceptional modularity which makes changing configurations fast and easy, helping our customers to take...
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