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Environmental Responsibility at Tri Tool

For Tri Tool, success isn’t just measured by the quality of our products, but by our efforts in environmental responsibility, to make the workplace for our employees and the world as a whole, a little bit better. That’s why we recycle where possible and over the last few years have put some serious money into conserving energy and going green. Our commitment also extends to safety. Whether at the workplace, or on the project site, Tri Tool actively trains our employees on the balance between behavior and results. This Human Performance training helps our personnel prevent events caused by human error.

Energy Savings

Working with local utility, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Tri Tool reduces our environmental footprint through energy-saving programs over the last six years with resounding success!


Solution Profile: High Bay Light Fixtures

In 2010, Tri Tool worked with SMUD to replace seventy 400-watt high bay fixtures with SmartPODTM fixtures.

Concerns: Tri Tool’s current lights had limited dimming capability, would lose about 40% of their initial light output by the midpoint of their rated life, and required several minutes to restart and reach full brightness.

Solution: Replace with SmartPOD fixtures to great success:

  • Estimated energy savings is 60,066 kWh per year (31%).
  • Energy savings attributed to motion sensors is 12,784 kWh per year (21%).
  • Peak electrical demand was reduced by 8.1 kW (24.7%).
  • Horizontal illumination levels increased slightly.
  • Indoor temperatures were noticeably cooler.


Solution Profile: Advanced Lighting Controls Project

With the success of the SmartPOD fixtures, SMUD spoke to Tri Tool about their Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) Program. The ALC Program offered financial incentives and technical expertise to help SMUD’s commercial customers install advanced lighting systems. Tri Tool was ready.

Concerns: Although the high cost to replace lighting throughout Tri Tool’s manufacturing and office facility was a concern, the overall reduction of energy and maintenance costs outweighed the negative.

Solution: Replaced seventy-eight 455-Watt and six (6) 320-Watt halide fixtures with LED high bay fixtures. Replace all fluorescent fixtures with dimmable LED fixtures in the office areas, hallways, and bathrooms. Total estimated annual energy savings: 191, 316 kWh per year (86%).

Solution Profile: Climate Wizard Indirect Evaporative Cooler

_DSC7643In 2014, SMUD installed a Climate Wizard cooling system.  The Climate Wizard is an evaporative cooler using a proprietary indirect water-to-air heat exchanger. With the hot summers in Sacramento, and temperatures hitting triple digits, it is a challenge to stay cool. The technology uses indirect evaporative cooling, kind of a “swamp cooler” but very high performance using 80 percent less energy than conventional industrial HVAC systems without adding any humidity.

Concerns: Keeping employees cool in summer months in our manufacturing facility when temperatures outside hit triple digits.

Solution: Installation of the 60-ton, 24,000 cubic feet per minute Climate Wizard. The first installed in the United States. The system has provided:

  • Reduced cooling costs due to very high efficiency.
  • Dramatically reduced peak demand of electricity.
  • Lower humidity conditioned air than direct evaporative systems, leading to greater comfort, and more suitable for cooling mechanical equipment.
  • The unit uses 100% outside air, which is useful for facilities needing ventilation and is one of the biggest benefits to Tri Tool.
Solution Profile: Exterior LED Lighting Project

Tri Tool is no stranger to emerging technology and when their 1000-Watt high pressure sodium (HPS) outdoor lighting system failed, they turned to their partners at SMUD for an energy saving solution.

Concerns: The cost of replacing the current lighting with the very expensive LED fixtures.  The LED fixtures were mounted on 50ft. poles, which at the time was considered to be a challenging application for LED technology.

Solution:  The overall final results of the project were extremely favorable with an estimated energy savings of 76,773 kWh per year (80%).  They are also rated to last 60,000 hours before losing 30% of the output as compared to the high pressure sodium lights that are rated for 24,000 hours (average failure).  The LED fixtures also possess a dimmable option that provides the opportunity for additional energy savings through the use of motion-sensor based dimming and other control strategies.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Cardboard – Tons Recycled a Year – 4.25 50% 50%
  • Aluminum – Tons Recycled a Year – 15 75% 75%
  • Steel – Tons Recycled a Year – 98 100% 100%
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