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  • Power Plant Maintenance
  • Energy Generation
  • Process Piping
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Ship Building
  • Decommissioning
  • Nuclear
power plant maintenance


Nuclear: Fossil: Hydro: Green

Since its founding in 1972, Tri Tool has focused on the Energy Generation Market, offering specialized expertise in power plant maintenance.  Since then Tri Tool has grown into many new markets with Energy Generation remaining one of the largest for the Tri Tool family of companies.


Petroleum: Chemical: Paper & Pulp

Process piping systems cover a wide range of industries, all needing the same reliable tools and construction services available through Tri Tool. In an Industry where some of the most exotic alloys are used, no job is too difficult to machine and weld with Tri Tool industrial pipe cutting and welding machines.

process piping systems
high purity piping systems


Pharmaceutical: Aerospace: Food Processing

The high purity market requirements are simple, square ends for the welds. Tri Tool’s 300 Series tube squaring machines and 500 Series tube cutting machines are the perfect solutions to face and sever tubing for this industry.


Defense: Aerospace

Tri Tool has been providing security sensitive machining equipment to the Defense and Aerospace Industry for many years.

government industry
oil and gas pipelines and piping


Pipeline: Spool Base: Quad Rack: Deep Counter-bore: Pipe Dimensioning: Weld Crown Removal

Tri Tool most recently entered the offshore pipeline industry in 2001. And with the development of the PipeMaster pipe facing machines, Tri Tool has become the preferred choice for pipe-facing machines throughout the world.


New Construction: Maintenance

Tri Tool supports various contractors in many industries from the largest to the smallest. Tri Tool is viewed as the expert in our field of pipe machining and welding solutions and often used as the specialty contractor for the machining and welding portion of a project supporting the prime contractor.

Construction pipe machining and welding
ship building equipment


Defense: Commercial

The shipping industry has used the full breadth of Tri Tool standard products along with many custom solutions throughout the years.


Weapons: Nuclear: Commercial: Offshore

Nuclear and power plant decommissioning begins with safety and reliability. Tri Tool has provided safe and reliable machine tools to the decommissioning environment since our very beginning in 1972.

Decommissioning and plant maintenance
nuclear machining and welding


Nuclear Power Plant Construction

As a trusted partner to the most respected nuclear power plant construction companies in the country, Tri Tool delivers on time and within budget performance with safety as the top priority. For nuclear plant turnarounds, shutdowns, and outage services, we provide the most skilled, experienced personnel backed with the best OEM equipment and support.

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