Equipment for Pipe & Tube Manufacturing

Pipe and Tubing Production

With more than 45 years’ experience developing machine tools that facilitate the maintenance of pipe and tubing systems used in various industrial applications, Tri Tool is uniquely qualified to provide equipment used in the actual production of pipe and tubing.

With a wide range of pipe and tube cutting tools, Tri Tool can meet the specialized requirements of your manufacturing facility.   

Tri Tool’s portable machine tools come in a variety of configurations, from hand-held pipe beveling machines to large pipe and tube cutting machines that are suspended from cranes. For high-volume pipe and tubing production where tube and pipe sections are used as components in larger assemblies, our pipe and tube cutting machines can be modified as permanent production equipment.

Our 500 Series SEVERMASTER has been configured with full support pads to produce accurate thin-wall tubing segments for aircraft exhaust systems. Tri Tool’s  208B BevelMASTER modified for the COUPONMASTER can easily and rapidly produce high volumes of accurately beveled pipe coupons for weld training and certification programs.

Tri Tool’s experienced design engineering team can assist in modifying existing pipe and tool cutting equipment to meet your unique specifications.

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