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Offshore Pipeline Construction, Maintenance

When it comes to offshore pipeline production, the largest contractors in the world require machinery in mission-critical roles that can perform dependably, day after day in some of the harshest maritime conditions that Mother Nature can dish out.

With more than 45 years’ experience, Tri Tool understands the intricacies of offshore pipeline construction and maintenance and the unique hazards and performance requirements that demand specialized pipeline equipment and knowledge.   

Our PIPEMASTER line of pipeline equipment, which includes a wide range of maximum performance pipe facing machines, internal lineup clamps, and hydraulic power units, fits that bill, delivering outstanding performance and safe operation for major pipeline projects around the globe.

Since their introduction, our pipeline machine tools have set new standards for offshore J-lay operations with both on-vessel weld joint preparation and in-line high-speed remedial cutouts. Tri Tool’s specialty equipment includes advanced solutions for onshore pipeline section end matching with our precision Laser Dimensioning System, and offers unprecedented speed and end finishing possibilities with our exclusive 7-Axis Deep Counterboring System.

With our extensive expertise and experience in offshore pipeline maintenance equipment, Tri Tool also can engineer custom machinery solutions for unique requirements.

In need of both equipment and personnel? Tri Tool provides specialized pipeline personnel to perform essential pipeline machining and welding services.

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PIPEMASTER Model PFM 816 pipe facing tool
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