Midstream Pipeline Welding, Cutting and Facing Equipment

Midstream Pipeline Construction, Maintenance

The recent expansion of domestic natural gas and petroleum production has seen our country convert from a primary importer to a net exporter of energy assets. To transport those energy assets to shipping and distribution hubs requires thousands of miles of midstream pipeline that must be constructed to the highest safety and environmental standards.

As a longtime supplier of specialized pipe welding and cutting equipment for the offshore pipeline industry, Tri Tool is best suited to provide the machines that complete your midstream pipeline projects correctly, safely, on time and budget.

Tri Tool’s TERRAMAX pipe facing machine has been designed specifically for the midstream pipeline market, to meet the challenges of in-place pipeline machining head-on.  Its rugged, high-mobility profile, driven by a diesel-powered hydraulic power unit, delivers precise pipeline weld preps reliably, even in the harshest conditions.

Our AdaptARC automatic pipeline welding machine offers superior precision, control, dependability, and ease-of-use.  And, our OD mount pipeline cutters are the perfect solution for cold cutting pipe.

Tri Tool has the expertise and experience to manage any natural gas or land-based pipeline challenges, including custom engineering equipment to meet unique requirements, and providing skilled technicians to perform a variety of critical pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance services

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