Pipe Beveling Machines for HVAC, Mechanical Systems

HVAC and Other Mechanical Systems

While we manufacture many automated and computer-controlled portable machine tools, sometimes all that is needed is a rugged and reliable means to produce an accurate bevel for low pressure welded piping in building construction and/or HVAC projects.

Tri Tool has extensive experience designing pipe beveling machines for specialized applications, including the construction and repair of HVAC and other mechanical systems.

We offer several models of field-proven pipe beveling machines that are ideal for producing simple bevels on small- to mid-size pipe in the field. Projects such as these are often required for building and maintaining municipal water supplies, irrigation, pumps, and drainage.  Our 4X4 pipe beveling machine is designed to work as an extension of your existing RIGID® Model 700 Power Threading Machine.

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Construction pipe machining and welding
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