Pipe Machining Equipment for Military, Commercial Ships

Shipbuilding, Marine Maintenance

Military and commercial vessels are essentially floating piping systems, carrying vital fluids, gases, fuel, and steam throughout an entire ship.

For more than 45 years, Tri Tool has developed machine tools that enable safe and precise operation in a variety of critical applications, including the shipbuilding and marine maintenance industry.

Our portable machine tools offer numerous distinct advantages to the marine industry. First, their portability means that they can perform pipe and tube cutting procedures in-place (without requiring a machine shop) and most pipe machining can be accomplished with a vessel underway.

Secondly, the compact size and operating envelope make them the ideal solution for working in tight spaces, around bulkheads, and amongst other pipes as is often the case with ship maintenance.

That is why defense contractors, Navy shipyards, and commercial maintenance operators choose our machining equipment for pipe and tube cutting to build and maintain everything from submarines to cruise ships.

Let us help you find the right pipe machining or tube cutting tool for your application or custom engineer one to your specifications.

Contact Tri Tool for help finding the right pipe and tube cutting machines for your requirements.

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