TRIMAX Portable Machining System

Maximum Safety, Maximum Performance, Maximum Precision

Tri Tool’s new TRIMAX portable machining system was built to provide maximum safety, performance, precision and ease-of-use. The TRIMAX features an internal tripper mechanism that reduces pinch points for increased operator safety. It also features a new recirculating ball bearing which provides rigidity both axially and radially providing the strength needed for fast, safe form tooling on heavy wall pipe.


  • No external tripper mechanism pinch points for maximum safety
  • Auto-Locks prevent headstock rotation when the machine is split
  • Low profile machine is ideal for safe operation in confined spaces
  • Right angle drive inputs mean power lines can be further from cut
  • Tool modules stay engaged when adjusted so they can’t slide off


  • Patented, revolutionary high-speed recirculating ball bearing design
  • Unique bearing prevents heat build up for safer, secure mounting
  • Bearing design maximizes radial and axial load carrying capabilities
  • Minimal bearing drag results in more power transferred to the cut
  • Wide mounting range up to 6 pipe sizes with a single size machine


  • Bearing significantly reduces vibrations for superior surface finishes
  • High-stability, low-vibration headstock results in longer tool bit life
  • Nickel plating and anti-corrosion coatings for enhanced durability
  • Ultra-stable “L Type” headstock offers unlimited special capabilities


  • Easy to use toe clamps permit rapid tooling height adjustments
  • Improved tool modules can be set independently to any height
  • Internal tripper eliminates need to remove bolts to change height
  • Fast, user-friendly lubrication for easier maintenance and operation

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