SAFETY FOCUS: You asked for SAFETY in field machining equipment, and we listened!

The result is TRIMAX™, a completely reinvented, game-changing, split frame lathe that makes every other clamshell in the industry obsolete.

When you care about someone, you want to keep them safe. Your safety is our prime concern.

The TRIMAX Machining System was developed in adherence to our core Safer By Design™ program to apply Tri Tool’s vast experience with responsible machine design for maximum operator safety.

Examples of innovative safety features on the new TRIMAX machining system include:

  • No external drive block or tripper assemblies to eliminate dangerous pinch points
  • 90º motor input permits air and hydraulic lines to be routed away from rotating parts
  • Toe clamp adjustments without the need to remove bolts prevents dropping hazards
  • Tripper handle placement at the rear of the machine for safer tool bit feed control
  • Sliding feed mechanism engagement prevents tool modules from accidentally sliding off

Safer By Design™ is our way of living up to the trust and confidence you have placed in Tri Tool over the years. It’s our commitment to producing top quality machine tools, designed with your safety in mind.

Our new TRIMAX™ Portable Machining System represents a quantum leap forward for the split frame lathe in terms of Safety, Performance, Precision, Versatility, Ease-of-Use, and Dependability. To find out how you’ll benefit from this revolutionary, industry leading machine, contact your Tri Tool representative today.

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