Important tips for maximum benefit utilizing On-site Services!

1. Contact Tri Tool Services at the bidding stage of your project

Many times it is the site personnel and supervisors who initiate contact with Tri Tool for contract services required at the project execution stage. Circumstances arise when the service work is  immediately needed, but the realities of processing a quote, attaining proposal approvals, and deploying both manpower and equipment to the site creates delays that could have been easily avoided by planning for services in advance, even if only a contingency. Tri Tool will continue to offer rapid response to on-site machining services or welding that a customer requires and can direct workforce and equipment assets from our strategically located national service network and regional service hubs.

2. Consider a Master Service Arrangement (MSA) with Tri Tool

The best way to ensure the quickest fulfillment of your on-site service needs is through a prearranged MSA that establishes preliminary approval for project labor and equipment and sets a billing threshold that project managers can rely on to manage the project more effectively. In effect, this works like being pre-approved for a loan with your bank, prior to shopping for real estate. All of the red tape is handled prior to a service order being placed, with the added security of a pre-established budget that site managers can work against to fulfill work as needed with a contractor that has been fully vetted and approved. Another advantage is that many different service operations can be performed under a blanket MSA that would have to be contracted for individually with corresponding administrative and billing overhead duplicity.

3. Provide full project scope, schedule and prints with RFQs

The more information we have to process your request for quote when you contact Tri Tool, the quicker and easier we are able to respond with accurate cost information, also our workforce and equipment deployment can be significantly quicker. This is extremely important when our engineering support needs to provide custom or modified mounting or mechanical modifications of machinery to perform specialized on-site machining services or welding.

4. Allow Time for Thorough On-Site Services Quote Preparation

Depending on whether a formal or simple quote is required by your project, time must be factored in for a response that is in complete compliance with all applicable agencies. Often, additional time must be allotted to review safety requirements relevant to each individual project.

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