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Tri Tool Thermal Services Flyer

Tri Tool Inc. has added certified welding services to their wide range of on-site service support under the new name of Tri Tool Thermal Services. Now, the excellent customer service that has made Tri Tool a world recognized machine tool manufacturer can assist with all of your on-site machining and...

600 Series Quick Reference – Setup and Operation

Step by step setup and operation guide. Designed as an easy reference for people who have already read and understand the equipment operation as detailed in the operators manual. The card shows a Model 606SB clam but the timing details and setup procedures are applicable to all SB clamshells.  Version...

Safety Flyer

Portable Machine Tool Safety Awareness  Version 1.0.0  762.49 KBDownload

Pipe Facing Machine Flyer

PipeMASTER – Dependable High-Performance Pipeline Equipment Solutions  Version 1.0.0  7.42 MBDownload

BOILERMASTER™ Quick Reference Card

If you own one of the new BOILERMASTER™ I.D. mounted end preparation machines the card is a valuable quick reference for people who have read and understand the machinery operation detailed in the operator's manual. If you are thinking about getting one, the card gives you a great description of...

Model 404 & 424 Portable Keyway Machines

KeyMASTER – This comprehensive keyway system is designed to quickly and easily machine precision keyways on 1.5” to 4.5” shafts (Model 404) or 1.5” to 24” shafts (Model 424).  Version 1.0.0  837.17 KBDownload

Template Tracer Module Flyer

Tri Tool’s lightweight Template Tracer Module is engineered to rapidly bevel, face and counterbore up to 2.5” wall pipe. The TTMs' unique design handles the widest range of pipe sizes and allows for a quick switch from counterboring to single point beveling without removing the module from the pipe.  Version...

CouponMASTER Flyer

The new Weld Coupon Machine is built around the rugged and dependable Model 208B BEVELMASTER® and incorporates a strong, integral base stand for bench top mounting. Our Coupon Machine is the perfect solution for union halls, colleges, and trade schools where high numbers of coupons are utilized for the training...

CNC High Production Counterbore Service Flyer

Our on-site CNC High Speed Deep Counterboring Service delivers unprecedented accuracy and superior finishes through a true seven axis CNC machining capability. The system's 100% mechanized pipe rack requires no manual pipe handling. This allows our system to combine high production with maximum safety.  Version 1.0.0  3.66 MBDownload

Laser Dimensioning System

The new laser dimensioning and pipe matching solutions service features the latest in laser measuring technologies. The system can scan both the ID and OD of the pipe end simultaneously for rapid cycle times. This increadibly accurate system produces optimal pipe welding results.  Version 1.0.0  1.50 MBDownload

Model 212B to 214B Upgrade Kit

Now, get all of the advantages of Tri Tool's great new Model 214B – with your existing Model 212B!  Version 1.0.0  1.48 MBDownload

Tool Bit Selection Guide for Models 601 and 602.5 SB Clamshells

For anyone using a smaller 601 or 602.5 SB clamshell, this handy guide makes selecting tool bits a snap. Make your tool bit reorders faster and easier with part numbers for the bits clearly explained. Lots of additional information.  Version 1.0.0  818.96 KBDownload

Model 530 Fitting Machine Flyer

The Model 530 is an excellent choice for companies who need a repeatable jig fixture for precision weld prep beveling on industry standard fittings. The machine is also a tremendous aid for pipe and fitting reclaimation and recycling.  Version 1.0.0  301.19 KBDownload

Tool Bit Selection Guide for Models 604SB – 612SB Clamshells

This tool bit selection guide is the same as the smaller clamshell guide listed above but for the Model 604 through 612 SB Clamshells. These guides are very helpful to ensure proper bit orientation and setup of tool blocks.  Version 1.0.0  812.42 KBDownload

Model 442F Flange Facing Machine Flyer

The Tri Tool Model 442F has been designed to address the precision demands for large flange facing, mounting up to 72” and machining to 73” dia. w/ optional extension kit.  Version 1.0.0  964.80 KBDownload

4X4™ Portable Pipe Beveler Product Guide

The new 4X4 Portable Beveling system adds pipe beveling functionality to your Power Drive allowing economical field beveling for 2" to 8" pipe. This brochure features step by step guide, parts breakdown, operator's tips and maintenance instructions.  Version 1.0.0  727.41 KBDownload

3 Position Tool Module Flyer

Available For 606SB to 612SB Clamshells Extend Your Clamshell Cutting Range!  Version 1.0.0  2.67 MBDownload

Model 202TS Flyer

Model 202TS Tube Sheet Facer The Model 202TS™ Tube Sheet Facer is an I.D. mounting machine tool for rapidly and reliably facing, squaring, and chamfering the ends of tubes and tube sheet bores in preparation for welding.  Version 1.0.0  372.65 KBDownload

500 Series SeverMASTER Flyer

Tri Tool’s SeverMASTER series tube severing and squaring was designed to deliver a weld-ready finish for the high purity environment. The 500 Series Steel Tube Cutting machines sever quickly and accurately delivering the optimal combination of precision, reliability, and portability.  Version 1.0.0  5.2MBDownload

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