Parts Manufacturing

Parts Manufacturing

When you need quality, quick turnaround parts.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take advantage of any work opportunity without being limited by staff or equipment capabilities, knowing you can deliver on time at a competitive price?

That’s not always easy. Large, complex parts require big, expensive machinery and the skilled operators to use them. Nobody has all the equipment and staffing prepared for any project that can arise. For these instances, Tri Tool offers our reliable, cost-effective parts machining and manufacturing services that can greatly assist your business. Having a strong manufacturing partner that you can count on makes a tremendous difference in your ability to bid on work you might have been hesitant to take on and let you price your work more competitively.

Tri Tool prides itself on being one of largest parts machining manufacturers in the Sacramento, CA region specializing in the production of parts and equipment for the Defense Dept. and a wide range of major industries around the globe. By offering our excess production capacity to outside businesses you get dependable part production support and instant additional capability, whenever you require.

Who stands to benefit most from outsourcing manufacturing and add-on services?

  • Companies concerned with safety hazards from handling larger components and assemblies
  • Smaller shops who are not prepared to take on larger production contracts
  • Shops that get machining proposals that are at or near their equipment size limits
  • Companies that are working at capacity or working with limited staffing levels
  • Shops that do not have the shipping volume discounts or space for production logistics
  • Companies that would benefit from the latest engineering/CAD CAM and prototyping

CNC Machines

BrandQtyModelTaperSpindle SpeedTool StationsX TravelY TravelZ TravelAdditional Notes
Mazak2M32 VMCCAT 406000 RPM3039"20"18"-
Mazak1M2 VMCCAT 406000 RPM1622"16"15-
Mazak1M-Plus VMCCAT 406000 RPM2122"16"15"-
Haas1VF-2 VMCCAT 407500 RPM2530"16"16"Includes 4th Axis
Haas1VF-2 SSCAT 4012,000 RPM2530"16"16"Includes 4th Axis
Haas1VF-3 VMCCAT 407500 RPM2040"20"20"-
Mori Seiki1MV-40 VMCCAT 408000 RPM2031.5"16"20"-
Mazak2Fusion 640 VMCCAT 506000 RPM3059"25.5"25.5"-
Mazak2M-Plus VMCCAT 506000 RPM3041"20"22"-
Okuma11052v VMCCAT 5010,000 RPM3680.5"41.5"31.5"-
Mazak1H630 HMCCAT 504500 RPM8039"31.5"29.5"-
Mitsui Seiki1HT3A HMCCAT 408000 RPM6022"20"22"-
Toshiba1BTH 110.R18 Horizontal Boring MillCAT 504000 RPM38100"80"60"20" quill extension for boring
BrandQtyModelChuckSpindle SpeedTool StationsMachining DiameterMachining LengthDia. Bar CapacityAdditional Notes
Mazak1QT-4012"3000 RPM12 (Turret)14"40"--
Mazak1QT-30010"3300 RPM12 (Turret)12"24"2.75"-
Mazak1QT-158"4800 RPM12 (Turret)6.5"24"2"-
Mazak1QT-20Hardinge S20 Collet Closer5000 RPM12 (Turret)9"24"3.125"10,000 RPM live tooling with 8" of Y-axis travel
DMG Mori1NLX 2500/700sy10" / 6"4000 RPM / 6000 RPM Sub Spindle2530"16"16"-
Mazak1Powermaster21"1000 RPM(Dual Turrets) 12 (Tool)26"70"3.5"-
Toshiba1Vertical Turret Lathe-200 RPM (93.25" Table)18 (Tool)31.5"16"20"Live tooling capability

Manual Machines

BrandQtyDescriptionTableX TravelY TravelZ Travel
Kent1Knee Mill with Acu-Rite 2-axis NC control10" X 50"29.5"12.5"6.5" (to 22.125" over table)
Bridgeport1Knee Mill with Acu-Rite 2-axis NC control9" X 42"24"11"2.5" (to 18" over table)
Lagun1Knee Mill10" X 50"32"12"-
Bridgeport3Knee Mill9" X 48"32"12"-
DeVlieg14B-60 Spiramatic Jig Mill with 1100 RPM spindle-60"48"18"
BrandQtyDescriptionSpindle SpeedSwingDistance between CentersSpindle Bore
Acra21840SC Engine Lathe1500 RPM18.5"40"3"
Shen Jay1SJ-17406 Engine Lathe1300 RPM17.25"40"2"
Yang1Yam-1000 Engine Lathe1800 RPM15.75"40"1.75"
Leblond1Engine Lathe1000 RPM19"78"2"
1Sunnen MBB-1660 honing machine
1Acer Supra-618 surface grinder, 6" X 18" table with 20" of stroke
1Electro-Arc 2DBOT metal disintegrating tap burner
1Roto-Finish 40" rotary tumbler
116" X 20" tub style vibratory tumbler
1Coord3 Large bridge type DCC CMM, DEA Manual bridge CMM (and full inspection equipment for all capabilities of our mfg)

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