The Many Facets of Tri Tool Manufacturing

The Many Facets of Tri Tool Manufacturing

To many of our customers Tri Tool is a world recognized leader of portable pipe cutting tools, in reality, we design and manufacture a much broader range of products and solutions.

The Tri Tool customer list includes customers large and small in countless industries. Our company has been instrumental in designing and manufacturing equipment solutions including:

  • Offshore Construction
    Tri Tool proprietary weld profiling equipment and methods have been successfully implemented in offshore fabrication and have proven to increase fatigue life for oil platform tendon legs.
  • Aerospace
    Our specialized aircraft maintenance equipment is part of the front line maintenance equipment for crucial military assets such as the B-1 & B-2 Stealth bombers and the latest  tactical fighters.
  • Military and Defense
    We manufacture special equipment used for Nuclear submarine maintenance and grooving tools for Army tactical gas pipelines.
  • Nuclear Power
    Tri Tool has custom built high-tech contingency mechanical repair systems for nuclear power-plants that are intended to be redundant (only used in the event of a emergency).  That’s the only equipment we make that we don’t want to see used!
  • Shipbuilding and Marine
    Our engineers designed custom plate bevelers that were built to provide weld prep for hull plate welding for ship maintenance.
  • Offshore Petroleum
    Our high-performance pipeline equipment has been field proven on the world’s largest pipeline production operations.
  • Welding Technology
    Our AdaptARC welding systems have been custom modified to provide mission critical welding solutions for numerous power plant operations and plant life extension (PLE) maintenance.
  • Remote Control Equipment
    Tri Tool manufactures many custom automated equipment solutions that are designed to be used remotely in hazardous nuclear and chemical environments.
  • And…
    Most recently, we are now performing outsourced part production and contract manufacturing to provide precision,high quality, machining services to third party manufacturers.

    One thing’s for sure, the same experience, quality materials and manufacturing excellence that goes into your portable machine tool is an integral part of everything we make.

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