Orbital Welding Machine Videos

Orbital Welder Videos


Our AdaptARC automated orbital welder is designed for durability and versatility, offering multiple welding processes. Our orbital welding machines provide total control with a wide range of dynamic configuration options.

View the videos below and then contact us to learn more about our orbital welder system.

See how Tri Tool’s Thermal Services Division developed a custom welding procedure featuring the AdaptARC orbital welder at a natural gas facility in southeast Ohio.

Learn about our AdaptARC orbital welding machine, which is designed to be a multi-process weld system.

Watch the AdaptARC orbital welder, which offers chain and link programs for non-stop welding from root to cap.

Learn about the OrbitMASTER advanced programmable weld controller that comes with our AdaptARC orbital welder.

Watch our orbital welding machine’s DualARC multi-process weld head in action.

See why Culham Engineering relies on the AdaptARC orbital welder’s high degree of precision and versatility.

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