Need custom tooling made for a specific machining operation, our Tool Bit Design Form ensures successful results.

Excellent portable machine tools and their machining results are only achieved through successfully navigating through a host of variables.

Some of these variables can be predetermined, and some are encountered when the machining occurs. If the operation you’re performing is a one-off occurrence, you can achieve accurate results with our stock bits designed to work with your machine, and produce the geometry you desire.

Where considering custom tooling can be of much greater advantage is with applications such as:

  • High-volume production machining – situations where the equipment is used to perform numerous similar operations
  • Unique machining profiles or dimensions – some special weld preps can require the use of specifically designed tool bits
  • Working with exotic alloys or difficult to machine materials – when cutting certain materials, the process may be only possible (or made easier) by the use of tooling optimized for your cut
  • Non-typical machining operations – such as special grooving, coating removal, special facing or finishes, or combination cuts.

Our tool bit design form is a tremendous time saver. By letting us know what your required weld prep profile is, our tooling support can determine exactly the right bits for your specific job. They can also advise as to whether one of our thousands of existing tool bits or custom tooling is best for your job.

See how easy it can be to get top quality portable machining results by always having the best tooling possible for your job!

Tool bit geometries can range from simple to
complex. Not all parameters are needed for every bit. Customers provide known
requirements for their weld prep, pipe size and the material being cut. (The spec diagram above is not to scale.)

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