New Administration Infrastructure Plans Will be Major Boon to Tri Tool Customers.

Things are changing in the world of tube and pipe. Many projects that have been mired in political controversy and bureaucratic red tape for years, seem as if they are reaching a conclusion. The net result is that there may be movement on many new pipeline, municipal water supply, oil and gas transmission, and public works projects that are performed by customers of Tri Tool.

Our wide range of portable machine tools are used by many of the world’s leading contractors in numerous industries. An improved business prognosis will logically result in increased opportunities for our customers to bid on and secure projects as a result in the renewed focus on improving the country’s infrastructure.

The possibility of the United States becoming a major player supplying the needs for energy on a global scale could also result in increased development of new transmission and storage facilities to receive LNG exported from the US.

In the world of fossil energy, new plant construction that has been all but prohibited for years, can once again be considered, relieving the questionable feasibility that fossil power could be sustainable on the basis of Plant Life Extension alone.

Tri Tool’s split-frame clamshell lathes are the ideal solution for in-line simultaneous severing and beveling of buried pipe for replacement of badly damaged or corroded sections. Other equipment solutions provide precision weld preparation, flange facing, and coating removal for plastic clad pipes.

For larger projects, Tri Tool offers advanced systems for ID inspection with laser and video reporting, 7 axis deep counterboring, and laser pipe end dimensioning for end matching.

Whether through our exceptional machine tools or through our dependable on-site machining and welding contract services, Tri Tool stands ready to support our customer in what should be a rejuvenated business environment offering increased potential for maintenance and construction opportunities.

The rugged and reliable Tri Tool product line, designed for maximum performance with unmatched precision, will support your projects with time and cost savings that we hope translates into greater prosperity for all of our valued customers.

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