The appeal of physically attending an industrial traditional trade show continues to endure. What’s the secret to their success?

The continuing popularity of expos and trade shows comes from an ideal win-win opportunity for networking, and a welcome chance for you to get away to a fresh location to fully absorb the developments and trends of your particular business. The immediate and frank exchange of information that occurs between...

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Adopting automation

By Bill Atkinson, Tri Tool Inc. Welding technology can mean something different depending on your industry and location March 2018 – Dale Flood, newly elected president of the American Welding Society (AWS), has spent many years developing improved welding technologies and equipment as Tri Tool Inc.’s welding projects manager. During...

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Low Potential For Carbon Contamination from High Speed Steel Tool Bits

The potential for carbon contamination of high purity and ultra-pure stainless steel piping/tubing systems from the use of High Speed Steel (HSS) tool bits has been discussed and debated for many years. In most cases the question comes up on systems using electropolished stainless steel tubing which has to be...

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Preparing Tube Ends for Superior High Purity Welding Results

Autogenous welding (fusion welding without the use of filler metal) is used to join the tubing used for most high-purity and sanitary tubing systems in numerous industries. This type of welding requires very high precision weld joints, with the primary emphasis on maintaining the smooth inside surfaces to guarantee there...

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Better On-Site Services with OEM Support

When highly skilled on-site service personnel are backed by the special engineering and OEM manufacturing support, amazing things happen. The most complex and difficult special in-place machining challenge can be accomplished with tools that have been custom designed for that specific application. Tri Tool On-Site Services can deploy equipment from...

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Make the Trade Show Connection!

Even in the era of the Internet, there is still the critical need to communicate directly with manufacturers regarding the equipment you need for your business. Trade shows have always provided an opportunity to escape the daily routine of your workplace and attend an event where vendors can display their...

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The term Hot Wire refers to special capabilities of a welding system wherein the wire feeding into the weld puddle is preheated before coming in contact with the welding arc. The additional components that provide Hot Wire capabilities to a welding system (please refer to the illustration) include a special...

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