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Service Profile

Important tips for maximum benefit utilizing On-site Services!

1. Contact Tri Tool Services at the bidding stage of your project Many times it is the site personnel and supervisors who initiate contact with Tri Tool for contract services required at the project execution stage. Circumstances arise when the service work is  immediately needed, but the realities of processing...

Get Increased Safety with On-Site Services

Because this issue of our newsletter is focused on On-Site Machining Services and welding, it’s important to know that one way you can get increased safety is by utilizing experienced on-site services. There is a direct correlation between an equipment operator’s level of experience and training and a significant reduction...

Tri Tool Services Delivers Unprecedented Performance and Precision With the CNC Counterbore System in the Gulf of Mexico

When completed, Shell’s Appomattox project, located about 80 miles from Louisiana in 7,200 feet of water will be the largest and deepest platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The project’s peak production rate is projected to be 175,000 barrels/day, and 650 million barrels/day when combined with adjacent deposits. Drilling and...

As a world leading equipment solution provider, one of the most important value-adds TRI TOOL offers is our professional On-Site Services component.

By combining a national network of skilled personnel, fully backed by our regional support facilities and the production power of a major machine tool OEM results in real and significant  advantages to our service customers. The story of Tri Tool Services is almost as old as Tri Tool itself. From...

Tri Tool provides solutions for an aging infrastructure

Innovative Aging Infrastructure Solutions We have all become increasingly aware of the fact that our civil and municipal infrastructure is aging to a critical extent. Gas leaks and explosions that have made headlines. Most of these aging gas, fuel and water lines were laid prior to tough protective coatings becoming...

Tri Tool Services – So much more than dependable on-site machining

When you think of on-site services, a team of skilled technicians performing on-site machining comes to mind. In reality, Tri Tool Services provides a wide range of support functions that companies can utilize to save time, money and ensure that their plant or project is operating on-time and within budget....

Tri Tool Appoints New VP of Global Sales and Field Services

Rancho Cordova, CA – September 18, 2015 – Tri Tool Incorporated has appointed a new key executive to oversee and coordinate global operations for sales and contract services. As a leading machine tool and welding equipment manufacturer, continued growth has required ongoing strategic optimizing of the organization and corporate restructuring...

Discover what is going on “Down Under” the world of Pipe Fabrication

Tri Tool discusses the successful collaboration between and American precision machine tool and welding equipment manufacturer, and a leading New Zealand pipe fabrication company, a half a world away. Culham Engineering has been a long-standing user of Tri Tool cold cutting pipe beveling machines. With the introduction of the advanced...

Innovative Machining and Welding Solution Results in Major Time and Cost Savings for Hydroelectric Plant Repairs

New York Power Authority (NYPA), one of the country’s largest state public power organizations had a 50” metal shaft sleeve that had premature wear, horizontal grooving and cycle fatigue cracking at their Blenheim-Gilboa (B-G) Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant. The shaft is located at the base of Brown Mountain at subterranean...


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