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Tech Tip

TECH TIP: AIR CADDY™ (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) Tips and Tricks

Our AIR CADDY FRL units were designed as the perfect match for your rugged and reliable portable machine tools, delivering dependable pressure management and proper lubrication with your most demanding applications. Many machines and motor configurations that demand more than 165 CFM, such as our high-performance TRIMAX® split-frame lathes, require...

“Reverse Dogleg”

“Reverse Dogleg” sounds like a move in Pro Wrestling, but in our business, it’s a specially configured squaring bit. If you work with tubing using our class-leading Model 304 tube squaring machine, you no doubt recognize the familiar profile of the DURABIT® 1 (used for larger stainless steel tubing). Sometimes,...


The term Hot Wire refers to special capabilities of a welding system wherein the wire feeding into the weld puddle is preheated before coming in contact with the welding arc. The additional components that provide Hot Wire capabilities to a welding system (please refer to the illustration) include a special...

Important tips for maximum benefit utilizing On-site Services!

1. Contact Tri Tool Services at the bidding stage of your project Many times it is the site personnel and supervisors who initiate contact with Tri Tool for contract services required at the project execution stage. Circumstances arise when the service work is  immediately needed, but the realities of processing...

TECH TIP: Independent Tool Holder Height

When Tri Tool engineers designed TRIMAX’s safer internal tripper mechanism (to remove potential pinch-points) another primary advantage resulted. Previously, the external tripper was fixed at height settings to match the mounting bolt hole positions. The TRIMAX features Toe Clamps so that the height of the tool module is variable above...

TECH TIP: Clamshell Tool Holder Adjustment

When designing precision, high-performance machine tools intended to perform reliably in harsh environments, clearances and part tolerances are deliberately kept tight. To maintain the high level of surface finish and machining accuracy, the machine must be kept clean, properly lubricated, and adjusted for wear. Our quality machine tools were designed...

TECH TIP: Tool Bit Resharp Program

Chances are, as a portable machine tool customer, your original motivation to utilize cold cutting severing, beveling and squaring tools was not only for the superior precision, but also for the time and cost-savings. Rapid, repeatable cutting results greatly reduce labor and rejection rates. This important factor can more than...

Practical Safety Considerations for Portable Machine Tool Operation

The practical utilization of portable equipment has increased as companies have realized the time and cost savings that results from performing precision machining in-place on existing piping systems. Portable machining is widely used in power plants, municipal utilities, new construction, maintenance and countless other applications. POWER Operation of any hydraulic,...


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