Tri Tool Products

Tri Tool Products

Get Safer, Faster, Precision with the new Model 301.5SP Short-Perch Tube Squaring Machine

Tri Tool is proud to introduce the newest addition to our industry-leading squaring solutions for High Purity orbital-welded tube system fabrication. The new Model 301.5SP reliably produces perfectly square end prep on wider range of tubing – from .125” (3.2 mm) up to 1.50” (38.1 mm) with wall thicknesses up...

Safer By Design

A manufacturer proves their commitment to safety in the products they design. Along with enhanced capabilities, processes, and intuitive control, today’s welding equipment must provide features that make working with mechanized equipment as safe as possible. When increased performance is achieved, while offering increased safety, you have the best of...

When it comes to Orbital Welding, It’s time to Get with the Program!

Today’s advanced, intuitive and versatile programmability can deliver greatly increased efficiency with your orbital welding costs, training, cycle times, safety, and welding results. One of the distinct advantages of a modern mechanized welding system is the introduction of process control by built-in microprocessors and CPUs, the same chips that are...

The Challenge to Acceptance and Certification of New Welding Methods

We live in a remarkable time of constantly emerging technological advancements.  There are many challenges to the acceptance and certification of mechanized welding methods that can vary widely between specific industries. Acceptance can be a subjective factor as in the case of the cliché “You can’t teach an old dog...


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