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Safety Focus: Keep it Clean – and Safe

When considering workplace safety, most people utilizing portable machine tools think first about safe operation of the equipment. That’s completely logical. Any time someone is using a cutting tool with rotating or reciprocating elements that could produce pinch points, the operator must be ever vigilant to avoid hazardous contact with...

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Tri Tool Implements Enhanced Customer Training Program

Tri Tool’s customer training program was developed to provide a thorough education in Tri Tool machine tools and welding equipment as well as industry best practices for safe field operation and maintenance. Our qualified, highly skilled instructors have real world machining and welding experience in the field and shop settings....

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When it comes to Orbital Welding, It’s time to Get with the Program!

Today’s advanced, intuitive and versatile programmability can deliver greatly increased efficiency with your orbital welding costs, training, cycle times, safety, and welding results. One of the distinct advantages of a modern mechanized welding system is the introduction of process control by built-in microprocessors and CPUs, the same chips that are...

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The Challenge to Acceptance and Certification of New Welding Methods

We live in a remarkable time of constantly emerging technological advancements.  There are many challenges to the acceptance and certification of mechanized welding methods that can vary widely between specific industries. Acceptance can be a subjective factor as in the case of the cliché “You can’t teach an old dog...

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A conversation with Chuck Friedrichs of Tri Tool Inc.

As vice president of domestic sales for Tri Tool Inc., Chuck Friedrichs combines his extensive field experience with leadership and business management to head the domestic sales team. BIC Magazine recently visited with Friedrichs to learn more about him, his experience and the services Tri Tool offers. BIC Magazine: What...

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Welder shortage demands innovative solutions

One of the unintentional consequences of the “Information Age” is an entire generation has preferred career paths in information and computer technology instead of traditional professions like welding and countless other trades. This cultural occupational shift has factored greatly into the critical shortage of skilled welders that number into hundreds...

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Benefits of Multi-Process Mechanized Orbital Welding Systems

In the industrial workplace, fully featured orbital welding systems are providing solutions that address issues such as a shortage of skilled workers; increased requirements for weld certification, growing the need for cost savings, and more.Orbital pipe welding provides numerous benefits over traditional methods that have been the mainstay of power...

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Meet our largest PFM ever built.

Fresh from assembly are two of Tri Tool’s largest PipeMASTER series of pipe facing machines. The PFM 4876 boasts a range of beveling, facing and counterboring from 48” all the way up to 76” inside diameter. Not only that, but it’s been engineered and manufactured with the same exacting standards...

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Safe operation of portable machining equipment

By Pat Flippen Portable machining equipment is a very effective method to produce high-quality field machining results. Personnel safety on the jobsite is the highest-ranking factor when determining the ultimate success or failure of an individual project’s final performance metrics. Jobsite hazards should be identified and quantified for every phase...

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Safety Focus: Special Project Safety Considerations When Working with On-Site Service Personnel

Tri Tool Services prides themselves with rapid, reliable response to customers’ on-site machining requirements. In certain instances however, OSHA safety requirements for personnel that operate portable (rotating) machine tools differ in significant ways from site specific safety plans and can cause unnecessary delays or prevent work from proceeding. Sometimes, well...

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PRESS RELEASE – High Production Stainless Steel Tube Cutter for Thin-Wall Applications

Tri Tool extends the 500 Series SeverMASTER product line Rancho Cordova, CA – July 03, 2014 – With the introduction of the new 5712AC and the 5716AC series SeverMASTER®severing and squaring platforms, Tri Tool has created the ideal complement to their existing 500 series high production thin-wall tube cutting and...

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Tri Tool Provides Critical Solutions for International Land-Based Pipeline

Tri Tool Services provided international mission critical support such as an equipment implementation for a major petroleum producer in Oman. This 2 year-long project required multi-level support including custom equipment engineering, equipment logistics, and specialized customer training, along with field machining and project coordination personnel.  The customer was confronted with...

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10 Factors to Consider When Implementing Orbital Welding

by Bill Atkinson As the capabilities and technology of welding systems have continually progressed, more and more companies are considering the implementation of orbital welding as a cost-effective alternative manufacturing and fabrication process. For companies that plan to include orbital welding to their workflow, some background and basic operating fundamentals...

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