As a world leading equipment solution provider, one of the most important value-adds TRI TOOL offers is our professional On-Site Services component.

By combining a national network of skilled personnel, fully backed by our regional support facilities and the production power of a major machine tool OEM results in real and significant  advantages to our service customers.

The story of Tri Tool Services is almost as old as Tri Tool itself. From the beginning, our business was dedicated to the principle of delivering ultimate dependability and “machine shop” precision to the job site, whenever and wherever you needed it.

As our specialized equipment solutions grew in terms of critical precision and the need to often operate in inhospitable environments, so too grew the demand for us to provide skilled, experienced operators who could ensure maximum results, operator safety and rapid response to projects that required the special capabilities of our wide range of tools.

As our Service business grew, it was clear that we needed to develop a national presence to guarantee that we had the manpower and equipment strategically located to respond to specialty on-site machining and code welding customers across the nation, and eventually projects around the globe.

There is a simple yet effective creed Tri Tool Services works by… “Plan the work, and work the plan!”

It is through meticulous project planning, comprehensive attention to details and a thorough understanding of each customer’s needs that allows us to specify the optimal equipment
and personnel response that we’re confident will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Whether you require specialty machining, staffing augmentation, planning assistance, custom equipment manufacturing, or staff training (including “Train the Trainer” and Site Safety Procedure development). Call Tri Tool Services today.

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