Onshore & Offshore Pipe Facing Machine Videos

Onshore & Offshore Pipe Facing Machine Videos


TERRAMAX Onshore Pipeline Equipment for Land Based Pipeline

Our TERRAMAX pipe facing machine provides maximum versatility and user control for midstream applications. This high-mobility pipeline cutter operates dependably in the harshest environments.

View the videos below to learn more about the TERRAMAX.

See the TERRAMAX midstream pipe facing machine.

Watch our TERRAMAX deliver the maximum in precision, performance and safety.

View a quick demo of our land-based pipe facing machine.

PipeMASTER Offshore Pipe Facing Machines

Built to withstand the rigors of underwater drilling, our PIPEMASTER offshore pipeline beveling and pipe facing machines reliably and efficiently perform mission-critical roles in harsh offshore and deepwater applications.

View the videos below to learn more about our pipeline cutting tools.

Watch our portable OD mount PFM 614 pipeline cutting tools, designed to bevel and face 6” to 14” pipe.

See our portable ID mount PFM 816 pipe facing machines, engineered to face and bevel 8” through 16” pipe.

Learn about our PFM 1632 pipeline cutter, which can bevel, sever and counterbore 16” through 32” pipeline.

View our PFM 3248 pipe facing machines, built to handle 32” through 48” pipe.

Watch our PFM 4876 pipeline cutter, which faces, bevels and counterbores 48” through 76” pipe.

Internal Line Up Clamp for Pipe End Alignment

Suitable for a wide range of applications, our CLAMPMASTER Series pipe line up clamp provides internal line up for welding small-bore piping systems. View the video below to learn more.

See our ILUC pipe line up clamp in action.

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