Full-Support Pads

Model Full-Support Pads

The Full-Support Pad sets ensure secure, distortion-free, mounting support and maximum precision when performing thin-wall tube & pipe cutting operations. Discover how this dynamic accessory can save you time and money, while ensuring exceptional results for your most demanding thin-wall tube & pipe welding requirements.


Radiused Mounting Pads

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  • Accurate rounding of thin-wall (schedule 5 & 10) tube & pipe for uniform cutting
  • Self-Centering and Self-Squaring design makes lathe set-up faster and easier
  • Eliminate damage to the tube or pipe outside surface caused by clamping forces
  • A wide selection of available sizes for 2.375” through 20” OD tube & pipe
  • Compatible with a wide range of TRI TOOL® SB, and RBL-Gen II clamshell lathes
  • No unique tools needed to set-up and utilize the pad set
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