Pipeline Coating Removal Machine

OD-mounted pipeline coating removal machine for removing plastic thermal insulation from pipe, primarily for oceanic pipeline welding or maintenance

Our rugged and accurate pipeline coating removal systems have been developed to assist you when you’re performing pipeline maintenance projects that require the practical and efficient removal of tough pipe coating materials.

Custom pipeline coating removal equipment can be designed around either cutting or milling operations, depending on the specific materials and cut geometry involved.

The custom machine provides the user with total control of the depth of cut and lead-out angles. Utilizing our experience and proven pipe-cutting technologies, both ID and OD mounted equipment have been custom engineered to meet this challenge. Up to 4” (101 mm) thick coating can be reliably removed from the outside diameter of coated pipe, using a surface-tracking module that controls the depth of cut to prevent cutting into the pipe’s parent material.

Designed with a wide cut path with up to 12” of axial travel, the pipeline coating removal machine can produce a wide removal area that includes any desired lead-out bevel required.

Our special engineering team can develop the right coating removal solution for your exact requirements and Tri Tool Services can provide experienced on-site coating removal equipment operators for your project.

Contact Tri Tool to learn more about our pipeline coating removal systems and services.


Pipeline Coating Removal Machine

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