Custom Engineered Elliptical Manway Machine

Specialized elliptical manway machine to create or restore variable record groove sealing surface on manway hatches

Tri Tool’s innovative elliptical manway machine has been custom engineered to provide the ultimate portable equipment solution when you need to produce a precision, perfectly planar, spiral cut finish on the crucial sealing surface of an elliptical manway.

Pressure vessels that incorporate operator access via an elliptical manway often suffer from sealing surface corrosion degradation or “pressure tunneling” due to the constant pressure and/or corrosive actions of fluids or steam. This can eventually lead to manway high-pressure flange leaks that can be extremely hazardous to personnel.

The best way to counteract this pervasive problem is to periodically reestablish a record groove type sealing surface cut texture that “bites into” flange sealing materials when the sealing surfaces are bolted tightly together. A superior seal is achieved when the record groove texture is cut perpendicular to the ID manway ellipse, requiring that the access ellipse is tracked and maintained throughout the travel of the bit across the flange surface. This amazing machine tracks the exact ID ellipse of the manway opening, guiding the bit to maintain that shape as it performs a continuous, matching elliptical cut, across the entire facing operation travel.

The elliptical manway machine has been designed for standard manways with 18″ x 24″ (547.2mm x 609.6 mm) outside diameters, but custom engineered machines can be manufactured for virtually any size manway or sealing surface ellipse required.

Contact Tri Tool for a customized elliptical manway machine that meets your special requirements.


Custom Engineered Elliptical Manway Machine

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