Custom Portable Milling Machines

With extensive specialty application knowledge and experience, Tri Tool’s custom engineering and manufacturing teams have produced a large number of special purpose portable milling machines for many industries, public utilities and the Defense Department. Based on our venerable compact, high-performance milling head, custom milling machines have been designed to provide precision, portable milling for shipbuilding, power and processing plant maintenance, pipeline production, construction and decommissioning, offshore and midstream petroleum projects, military operations, and countless other end uses.

Portable milling machinery can be designed for welded or magnetic support, on flat or curved tracks, with or without X-Y-Z or rotating positionable bases, and for OD or ID pipe mounted applications. Custom milling machines can be produced with manual or automatic feed as well as pendant control, or fully remote control for use in hazardous environments or areas of limited clearance.

Special custom hybrid milling systems can be produced to perform machining operations that are impossible with a single machine, such as systems to provide radial cutting for large diameter corners – matched to linearmounted cutters to provide large window cuts on the curved surface of vessels.

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Custom Portable Milling Machines

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