Model 606 TRIMAX


606TMX 2” to 6” (50.8 to 152.4mm)

With two patents, the 606 TRIMAX machining system was built to be the safest, most stable split frame lathe on the market today. With the tripper mechanism being housed internally, there are no pinch points on this revolutionary new machine. The unique recirculating ball bearing also makes the system rigid both axially and radially providing the strength needed for fast, safe form tooling on heavy wall pipe.

The capacity to accept much large cutting loads and forces without adversely affecting performance maximizes the special accessory configuration extensibility of this machining system. We encourage our customers to challenge us with any operational requirements, from the simplest to your most demanding. TRIMAX is up to the challenge!


Model 606 TRIMAX

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  • 2″ to 6″
  • 50.8 to 152.4mm
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • #1 Tool Module (cuts one pipe size)
  • #2 Tool Module (cuts two pipe sizes)
  • #3 Tool Module (cuts three pipe sizes)
  • Standard with Single Case
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Reduced temperature build-up
  • Faster and easier tooling adjustments
  • Infinite resolution on tool module adjustability
  • Sever and bevel simultaneously
  • Optional Full Support Pads
  • Optional Counterbore Modules (CBM-2)
  • Optional 0.001″ Feed Kit
  • Carbide Severing Tool Holder
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