Custom Engineered Tube Cutting Machines

Tri Tool designs and manufactures custom portable tube cutting machines that leverage the capabilities of our popular 500 Series SEVERMASTER® tube severing equipment

The 500 Series SEVERMASTER machines are ideal for customization given the wide size range of tube and pipe covered by the tube cutting machines and their advanced automation potential. Our custom engineering has been able to produce equipment for high-volume production as well as mission-critical machinery for the nuclear industry that requires exacting precision – sometimes performed completely remotely due to hazardous environments.

The 500 Series SEVERMASTER tube cutting machines can be upgraded with a high degree of automation, including automatic clamping, automatic feed, automatic depth of cut, and automatic reset capabilities. The tube cutting machines can operate with typical severing tool bits or can utilize roller type cutters to perform chipless cutting when cutting debris contamination is a concern.

Other notable customizations include pivoting base stands that are capable of producing precision oblique cuts, accurate laser cut-line indicators, edge burnishers, and squaring modules for even more precise burr-free square ends, essential for autogenous welding. When required by the customer, full safety cages can be manufactured to match your specific requirements. This tube cutting machine series is continually providing the ultimate solution for portable severing for both highly specialized and high-volume production end uses.

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Custom Engineered Tube Cutting Machines

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