Special Application Configured ILUCs

Dedicated pipeline internal weld alignment clamps that provide uniform copper weld backing and/or welding gas containment

Our rugged, and easily configurable ILUC pipeline internal line-up clamp series has been developed to provide the utmost in performance and reliability for internal alignment and positioning to achieve maximum accuracy and concentricity when welding pipeline joints.

The efficient, modular design of the internal line-up clamp system allows for many different configurations to fit the widest possible variety of applications. Available options include contiguous interconnecting copper shoe backing for maximum root pass integrity, efficient purge dams to ensure excellent TIG welding, and pneumatic drive systems for accurate linear positioning within the pipe.

For improved safety when the internal line-up clamp is operated in vertical orientations, an effective emergency brake feature actuates immediately upon loss of pneumatic pressure (or electrical current) to lock the machine securely within the pipe bore.

Remote control, integral video and laser systems for inspection and operator control are available.

With the OEM support of our special engineering group, virtually any size, configuration or special ability can be addressed for your unique requirements and your most demanding pipeline production applications.

Contact Tri Tool for a customized pipeline internal line-up clamp that meets your specifications.


Special Application Configured ILUCs

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