TRIMAX #1 Tool Module

Available for TRIMAX machining system Model 604TMX to 612TMX.

The #1 tool module allows for faster and easier tool adjustments as well as infinite resolution on tool module adjustability. (Cuts one pipe size)


Model PFM 614 PIPEMASTER™ OD Mounted Portable Pipeline Beveling System

The PFM 614 is a portable OD mount machine tool for beveling and facing 6” (168.3mm) through 14” (355.6mm) pipe. The machine can cut on pipe down to 4″ (thinwall) size with special tooling. The tool is configured with a dual hydraulic drive motor powering a set of helical gears attached to the main spindle. An auto-feed hydraulic cylinder with rapid and slow feed control provides accurate cutting head control. One hydraulically actuated OD clamping head assembly with mounting pads covers the whole range of the tool.

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