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The BOILERMASTER is a special boiler version of the 204B for use with 1/4” to 4” boiler pipe.

The BOILERMASTER is specially designed for boiler machining where its right-angle feed is perfect for working in confined spaces. It features a powerful 1.5 HP motor and its compact cutting head accepts standard and wedge-lock bits for heavy-duty use. A sealed head protects inner components and the milled body houses strong gears with tapered roller bearings for total reliability. The tool steel mandrel and durable hardened steel mounting blocks provide maximum grip on water walls and pipes making this machine the best choice for boiler construction and maintenance.

The rugged, ratchet feed, BOILERMASTER seen rapidly facing torch-cut header stubs.

High performance waterwall cutting for .25″ to 2″ tubes

The lightweight, compact design small diameter bolt-on cutting head of the Model 201BA BEVELMASTER allows it to perform rapid, accurate machining in tight spaces, making it perfect for boiler use.

The OD mounting – no mandrel design (clamps to the outside of tube or pipe) allows this machine to successfully work on boiler tubes with inside diameters under 1” with less damage than ID mounting with a mandrel system.

The machine provides rapid clamping saddle adjustments and a right angle feed knob with all controls (feed, clamp, motor) on the outside of the tube panel opening for safe and easy operation. The narrow width of only 1.45” permits use on waterwall cutout windows and between boiler panels.

The Model 201BA’s two adjustable saddles cover the full cutting size range.

The narrow profile and well-designed controls make the Model 201BA BEVELMASTER the ideal solution for waterwall weld preps.

Tube Sheet Facer

The perfect solution for heat exchanger construction or repair is the Model 202TS. This precision tool is the perfect solution to rapidly and repeatably face, square and chamfer tube ends and bores in preparation for welding. Get a better grasp of your heat exchanger projects.

Tri Tool Model 202TS tube sheet facer
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