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The TRI TOOL® 600 Series Clamshell is the ultimate rotating platform for a wide range of applications from in-line cutting, precision weld preps to special machining and milling operations.

Tri Tool’s reputation has been built on the precision, durability and overall quality of our equipment, so you can trust that you are using the best tool for your specific challenge. Our 600 Series Clamshells are engineered to handle any application; any pipe size or material and our machine tool experts are available to ensure you get the right equipment to fit your needs.

  • Best-In-Class Precision
  • Designed for Maximum Durability
  • Both In-Line and End Prep Versatility
  • Cold Cutting – No Heat Affected Zone
  • Rapid, Dependable Performance
  • A Comprehensive Range of Accessori

Tri Tool Clamshells produce superior results, able to deliver exacting diameter and surface tolerances within thousandths of an inch, making them ideal for use with advanced orbital welding systems.

Clamshells can simplify the processes of cutting to length and weld end preparation by performing both operations simultaneously.

Easy to setup and operate, Tri Tool 600 Series Clamshells offer reduced labor and time requirements for pipe and component replacement, the perfect solution for plant maintenance where downtime is a critical economic issue.

Our unique Clamshell bit designs allow for optimal machining speed and feed rates. A simple, reliable feed control system provides the flexibility to perfectly match the cut depth for any material.

Designed specifically to operate in areas of tight clearances, these machines provide features that permit them to machine pipe in a wide range of situations where no other equipment can be used.

Clamshells are cold cutting and can be used in controlled environments where flame cutters are unacceptable.

Clamshells can be operated by remote control, making them perfectly suited for machining operations in nuclear, explosive, toxic, underwater and other hazardous environments.

Tool blocks are heat-treated for durability and parts that could be damaged, such as gears, pins, and bearings, are protected to reduce the chance of accidental damage.

Our clamshells do not have moving gears that protrude to provide increased operator safety.

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