SAFETY FOCUS: Chip-Guards and Their Role in Your Workplace Safety

Did you know that you can now upgrade most 300 Series tube squaring machines for increased operator safety?

Chip guard kits for the compact cutting heads of the Model 301, 301DC and 301SP tube squaring machines provide an open design for chip fall through while retaining excellent visibility of the cutting process. Some kits may require that legacy machines be returned to the factory for retrofitting of the guard upgrade.

Chip guards for the larger Model 302 and 304 machines provide easy to use, rugged, high-visibility full width hinged acrylic covers. These easy to use covers are retained magnetically so that no fasteners are needed to open and close.

Whether your particular machine has chip guards or not, keep in mind that at no time should you ever place fingers, power cords or clothing where they can come in contact with the rotating elements of the machine. Always unplug your machine to clear chips, move the equipment, or to install or adjust the tool bit or tubing being cut.

More than likely, your company’s safety program has guidelines for the proper use of safety guards. As an OEM, Tri Tool’s special engineering can design and produce any level of chip protection you need to comply with your workplace requirements.

Call for more information on chip guards for your equipment and above all, please BE SAFE!

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